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Prodigy Ball

We’re all familiar with the perennial, semi-obligatory New Year’s Eve celebration.  Some of us enthusiastically pay tribute to the calendar year’s final evening. More of us think of it as an expensive waste of time.  Some even go so far as to participate to mask the underlying depression associated with being reminded of last year’s resolutions being unfulfilled.

As an alternative, we invite you to join us in our development of a very special annual event. Yes, we will pause a few minutes before the bell clock strikes midnight to raise a glass and toast the arrival of the new year, but once you’ve sipped the champagne, kissed those in your proximity, and sung a chorus of Auld Lang Syne, it’s back to fun and fellowship. The evening will be a celebration of Hellenes and Hellenism.

From the sumptuous dinner featuring that healthy Mediterranean menu, that Hellenes devised 2,500 hundred years ago, to the music first researched by Hellenes who learned its components and changed primitive music into God’s favorite language.

The Prodigy Ball will be held in participating cities in America.  The multi-city events will be linked electronically, so that the entertainment program can be enjoyed by all participating attendees. We expect to hold our First Annual Prodigy Ball on New Year’s Eve, 2018.  Because the essence of Hellenism was able to civilize the world twice before, the current state of our world needs it to return to the public consciousness.

We’ll update you as we get closer to the event. . .



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