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Hellenic Continuum

Founded in 2015, the Hellenic Continuum (HC) was formed to provide a steady flow of current and relevant information to Congress and the public regarding issues that are vital to American Hellenes and to Hellenes worldwide. It also is charged with information that will help and improve relations between the United States and Greece, the birthplace of Hellenism.  This is especially focused on those original Hellenic civilizing principles adopted by our founders’ and enclosed within our own Constitution.

HC is a fundamantal initiative of the Republic of Plato (ROP), itself a program of The ProtoGnosis Institute (TPI), dedicated to Hellenes worldwide and the civilizing Hellenist principles discovered 2,500 years ago.

The mission of the HC are to educate, unite and influence legislators on the following:

  • the relationship between Hellenism and western civilization so as to spread these principles throughout the world;
  • matters affecting relations between the United States and its perennial ally, Greece;
  • encourage and improve understanding, cooperation and friendship between our countries; and
  • identify, promote and thereby advance the interests of American citizens of Hellenic heritage, whose perceptions of life and liberty are comprised of both American and Greek cultures.
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