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to the Elysian plain . . .  where life is easiest for men. No snow is there, nor heavy storm, nor ever rain, but ever does Ocean send up blasts of the shrill-blowing West Wind that they may give cooling to men.   —   Homer, Odyssey

You’ve spent much of your life caring for your family and friends, in many cases overcoming significant hardships. Now that you’ve arrived at a place where the wisdom of life’s experiences allows you to consider how to enjoy a more reflective season of life, we ask you to contemplate the prospect of residing in Elysium.

Perhaps it would be best to describe how we define Elysium. . .   First, and foremost, you will be surrounded by those who share your understanding of a life among friends who hold American values. While you will enjoy all the amenities of modern living, your surroundings will resemble that of a small European village.

  • Your home will be enclosed in an indoor, climate-controlled village so you need not be subjected to a harsh climate.
  • A village that will boast common areas to allow social interaction with your neighbors and friends.
  • It will have a chapel that will permit you to practice your faith, if you so choose.
  • You will live in the comforting knowledge that an emergency-care facility is close by, in case you should ever need it.
  • You will enjoy the exercise of strolling through Elysium, passing by shops that are there to serve you.
  • You will enjoy the comfort of the village security force dedicated to your comfort and safety.

 Our Passion is your well-being . . .

No!  This is not a fantasy.  This is an authentic real estate community that we are looking to open in your city.  We appreciate the fact that you have lived your life maintaining your cultural roots.  We also believe that, as a senior, you’ve earned the right to embrace a lifestyle that is reflective of your culture.

Our bluprint for life at Elysium . . .

Senior living is not just nutrition and exercise.  Yes, those elements are necessary for blood-flow and mobility.  But there is another consideration that is critical to your well-being.  We, as Hellenes require a social component to enhance our existence. We are social animals.  Elysium will offer the proximity to others who require that same social component.  Those who want and need friendship and the enjoyment of like creatures. While our bodies can no longer accomplish what they once could, our minds have been expanded by life’s experiences that now need to be shared. Our Elysium will be your Elysium!

We all aspire to living independently.  But what if your needs should change such that you will require attention or assistance?  If that should become a part of your life, Elysium will be equipped to provide assisted-living in whatever form it should take. Even in the event of a medical emergency, a staffed facility will be moments away to address the emergency and resolve it.

And what about your family . . .

If your children and grandchildren live in the same city, you are a short car ride away. They can visit at your home or in the climate-controlled park just steps away. If your children live elsewhere in the United States, there’s even a boutique hotel in the village to make their visit as enjoyable as possible.

Comfort, convenience & peace of mind . . .

Whether you require independent living, supportive home-care options or assisted living care, Paradise will be equipped to provide a range of health and well-being services and resources to meet those needs.

In-Residence Care . . .

You will have the choice.  Whether you choose a private attendant or agency, you can opt for personalized care services and assistance with activities of your daily life in the privacy of your residence.

Assisted-Living . . .

Elysium will deliver personal and supported care to those who require it. With assisted-living services, you’ll be able to continue to enjoy the essence of life in a tranquil environment, filled with the sights, sounds and aromas of a culture you know and love.

Artful Dining . . .

Whether you choose to dine at a restaurant   or order your meal to be delivered to your home, Elysium will offer nearby restaurant dining or all of the dining choices available through restaurants that provide local delivery.

Elysium FLoor Plans . . .

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