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It is essential that any group of like-minded individuals have a clear view of what the group stands for on the compelling issues confronting their world. In the 21st century, most groups fall into one of two perspectives, left v. right, a.k.a. liberal v. conservative. That is due mostly because all groups have an agenda, and whatever that agenda is, it is usually an agenda that is political in nature.

Republic of Plato does have an agenda, but it is a departure from left or right. It is a Hellenist agenda which contains elements of both left and right. Fortunately, the Hellenist perspective is one that is derived from thousands of years of history that devised a world view providing fairness to the group and fulfillment and happiness to the individual.

Humans are often political animals. Their views are honed by concepts that they sense are proper. Unfortunately, in many cases, those views have not been the result of comparing the alternatives, resulting in the phenomenon known as ‘group-think.’ Today we are faced with millions of people staunchly promoting their particular group-view, only because they haven’t really heard the wise view.  The wise view however,  is never good for established power bases. Thus, keeping the lemmings fighting the left-right battles assures their hold on power.

The true Hellenist view today, is the same as it was 2,500 years ago. Hellenism was freely given to the world by giant thinkers, because they understood one could not control what is eternal. For example, the fifth century Hellenist philosophers were quite capable of establishing a patent system that would protect their intellectual property from its free use by others in order to secure an ongoing profit from it.

Ironically, it was apparently a Greek city in what is now southern Italy that first attempted to capture that ongoing profit from ideas. That is proof that Hellenism is universal- not Greek. Clearly, the promoters of this were not Hellenes. Of course, once Hellenism came into fashion during the Renaissance, the Venetians and the English would successfully stifle invention by implementing a form of patent system.

Our initiatives at Republic of Plato are aimed at providing a path toward peace and prosperity for all through the dissemination of ideas that are not left or right, but instead are beautiful and always in moderation.

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