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The American Millennial

star-wars-logo-1068x668In 1977, George Lucas produced a science fantasy film that would become one of the most successful films of all time. But that was not the film’s greatest achievement. More important than its ground-breaking special effects, Star Wars implanted a noble vision from a remote past, in the minds of its youngest viewers that would germinate within their psyche throughout their formative years.

One of the sub-plots of the film pitted an honorable rag-tag group of revolutionaries known as the Rebel Alliance, against the overwhelming power of the evil Galactic Empire, that was completing construction of the unbelievably brutal secret weapon known as the Death Star.  Great plot, but what does this have to do with American Millennials?

The arrival of the new millennium found those youngest viewers had grown to adulthood- thereby labeling their generation.  However, those millennials who had grown up in America were very different from all the other millennials on the planet. Like the initially clueless Luke Skywaker, most American Millennials haven’t yet realized that they are our planet’s last hope to defeat today’s evil empire, and the final hope of all of western civilization.

Okay, you’re smart, but you don’t see the connection. You understand that your formative years have been coddled by your helicopter, baby-boomer parents, and you see the folly in their self-absorbed, ‘it’s all about me’ lifestyle, even if they don’t.  You secretly squirm at the notion that they are the generation that has sentenced the world to a bankrupt future. You’ve spent your entire youth being distracted by shiny objects like personal electronics, misbehaving celebrities and reality TV.  You feel cheated by the ever-increasing dose of sex and violence that was fed to you in order to exploit and eliminate your innocence.  You’ve emerged numb with hopelessness.  You look out into your future and it appears ominous. You believed the lie that mortgaging your future to acquire that college education was the price of your success. But your degree didn’t get you that high-paying job it was supposed to.  In many cases, you’re back living in the room of your childhood, because you can’t afford a life on your own.  In all cases, you have a deep-seated nervousness that there is no escape from your predicament and may spend the rest of your adulthood in menial  under-employment.  The years you spent absorbing the feel-good dogma of your socialist professors, suddenly seems somewhat askew in the cold harshness of simple logic and the accompanying real world.  It seems that feel-good mantra you’ve been repeating, about nurturing and feeding those less-fortunate, must now begin to come out of your own pocket, and is leaving a different sort of aftertaste.  You look back on those who seemed to be degree-ladened, academic giants and now see that their kumbaya worldview only exists in their tenured, academic bubble.  And now, when viewed as mere mortals, you see that they were actually just misbehaving baby-boomer brats, too impatient to gain experience- demanding they were the smartest generation and needed to be respected for their good intentions and not their non-existent accomplishments. You believed your professors when they implied that as civilization moves forward and continues to evolve, each successive generation is an improved version of the one that preceded it.  In spite of what you see with your own eyes, you concluded that each generation is smarter and better than the one before.  That is a lie perpetrated by academia to elevate themselves in their own delusion that a title and impressive c.v. affirms their exceptional intellect.

You don’t realize it yet, but your only way forward requires you to look to the past. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …   there was an ancient civilization that opened the eyes of the world to the idea of human exceptionalism, not unlike those legendary Jedi Knights.  These ancients broke through the jungle of barbarism and venerated the spirit within the human form and professed the idea of striving to emulate the ideal.  The only difference was that this galaxy was not a subplot of a science fantasy feature film spawned in the late 1970s.  It was an actual civilization that walked planet Earth more than 3,000 years ago. 

It is the civilization that created and introduced what we know today as western civilization. Okay, you’re beginning to see a connection to the film, but you still don’t see how you’re connected to the ancients or to any role in saving western civilization.  Patience Luke! You must first embrace the force within you. . .

You’ve seen on this site how the ancient Hellenes first civilized the world. Then, how the force went dormant after the barbarians conquered Rome. Then, how the force re-emerged to create the Renaissance. What you don’t realize is that your own Founding Fathers were Hellenes.  Your own Constitution is based upon the original Hellenist principles laid down 2,500 years ago.  Along with Star Wars you have grown up in a country based upon the very same principles that civilized the world- twice before. It is in your psyche! Your problem is that you’ve not embraced the force that is within you to take on the Evil Empire that seeks to stamp out everything noble in the human character and replace it with the dark side- again.

You are our last hope. If you will look through this site and understand the truth about the Hellenes that came before, you will emerge as our new breed of Jedi Knights who can prevail over the dark side and save our civilization.  Good luck, . . . and may the force be with you!

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