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Hellenes: Who Are They?

If not already a Hellene, you should know right up front, that they are the most fulfilled humans on Earth. You should also know that Hellenes are made– not born!  Their fulfillment and contentment is the result of embracing the ancient knowledge and lifestyle that accompanies the principles of Hellenism- first discovered about 2,500 years ago- are the same humanist principles that provided the basis and foundation for all of western civilization.

Imagine waking each day with a joyful outlook and enthusiasm for what the new day will bring. A joy that emanates from one’s soul- even in the troubled world this generation faces. Being a Hellene is not the made up hocus-pocus of a new age cult philosophy.  It began with the great philosophers who first contemplated what life should be for humans, back when most were killing their neighbors for conquest or sport. A time when most people were ruled by the most fearless and inhumane. Once their thoughts emerged from the jungle, they were able to look upon the beauty all around us and fill their hearts with love and inspiration.

So compelling was living life as a Hellene, that even after the classical Hellenic world was conquered by the Romans, instead of adopting the Roman principles of life, Rome adopted all that was Hellenism.  The Romans adopted the Greek language as the lingua franca of the Roman Empire. The Romans copied Greek art, architecture, politics, drama, mythology, religion, medicine and science.  They too, saw the beauty around them and copied all that classical Greece had freely given to them.

Unfortunately for the world, the Romans fell to the barbarians who had no appreciation for love, beauty or the joy of life.  It was inevitable that the fulfillment gained from seeking to become exceptional in all they did was lost in the fog of war and conquest. It is no wonder that the definition of “barbarian” still resonates today.  It was this same absence of appreciation for beauty and knowledge, that sparked the Renaissance 2,000 years later. Once again, humans saw the exceptionalism and beauty that recalled the first discovery of Hellenism in antiquity.

Today we are witness to a 24-hour news cycle.  Once again  barbarism is attempting to stamp out the flame of Hellenism.  But hopefully, there can be a sufficient number of Hellenes to put barbarism back in its crypt. Would you consider life as a Hellene if it were to bring you contentment and an exceptional life?  If so, you must first understand the nature of Hellenism.

What is Hellenism?  

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