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Ethnic Hellenes

As we’ve said elsewhere . . .  There are many Greeks who are not Hellenes and many non-Greeks who are.  This statement is true because a Hellene exists by virtue of knowledge, not birth location or blood. But in spite of the truth of the statement, there is a very special place in our hearts for Ethnic Hellenes.

So let us define an Ethnic Hellene as  a person of Hellenic ancestry who also possesses the secret knowledge of Hellenism.  The Ethnic Hellene can be a citizen of any country on the planet, because the Hellenic peoples have been emigrating to every corner of the world for thousands of years, seeking a better life than that offered by their motherland.

Hence, there are American Hellenes, Russian Hellenes, . . .  you get the point.

The most important point about Ethnic Hellenes is that the secret knowledge that provides them a fulfilling and happy existence, may not be the result of a quest to obtain that knowledge.  The Hellenist knowledge is so powerful, that it became a critical part of the Hellenic culture.  What this means is that there are a plurality of Ethnic Greeks throughout the world who, without knowing it, were raised in a Hellenic family and thereby embraced Hellenism without knowing what it was.  This too is the reason the Hellenic culture has survived hundreds of years of subjugation and still retaining their cultural identity.  In many cases the identity differs country to country, but it usually means the Ethnic Hellenes have adopted the best of the culture they emigrated to and added it to their own.

To be sure, the Greek peoples have as many scoundrels and barbarians as any other culture. Interestingly, everyone immediately recognizes them for what they are.  But it is the mission of the Republic of Plato, to provide a place where Hellenes of any culture and country to bond with other Hellenes and enjoy their beautiful existence among their own kind.

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