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ROP World

Republic of Plato occupies the same physical world we all call home. But it is a very different parallel world in that it discriminates who is worthy of citizenship. It does allow friends in to see if they might qualify for citizenship, or even aspire to become citizens, but reality teaches us that not everyone will acquire the traits that allow entry. ROP World is actually a virtual Republic that exists in the minds of its citizens wherever they may happen to reside on Earth. Since ROP World does not occupy a geographic location to claim sovereignty over, it has no need for membership in a United Nations. It is a republic of like-minded individuals with a very special obsession to be exceptional in all they are and do. You see, ROP World is only inhabited by humans who have elevated themselves to become Hellenes. They achieve citizenship by virtue of the special knowledge they possess, not the coordinates of their birth or the tribe they were born into. An interesting side-effect of being a Hellene is a compelling recognition of the glorious beauty that surrounds them. Another side-effect is the feeling of fulfillment and contentment that is unavoidable as a Hellene. A feeling that comes from appreciation of such notions as honor, integrity, character, pride, moderation, family, friendship and especially the golden rule. Some people describe the effects of life as a Hellene as close to happiness as a human can get. Being a Hellene is essentially learning the secret knowledge discovered by the masters who first civilized the ancient world. It is as simple or as difficult as seeking out one’s particular destiny. ROP World is hopefully where all Hellenes gather and commune with their brethren.  We welcome all who are, or seek to become . . .  Hellenes.

Where did these Hellenes Come From?                                                        Hellenes: Who Are They?                                                                  What is Hellenism?  

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