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Corporate Support

Aligning your corporate identity with the Republic of Plato, like Individual Giving, requires strategic thinking.  Corporate support of cancer research, enjoys the benefit inherent in the public’s association of a brand with philanthropic work.  Simple.

A company’s decision to support the Republic of Plato, is less obvious, and depends on the philosophy of its management.  If that philosophy is strictly focused on the bottom line, us against them, profit at any cost, or other predatory leaning, we are not a likely recipient of your support.  But if management understands the resonance of that great silent majority, who, even without the knowledge that their personal philosophy is rooted in the principles of Hellenism, will realize that supporting our mission will gain favor with those customers who make up a significant portion of your business.

If you are one of these companies who perceive the benefit of actions that align with the character of many of your customers, you will see the logic of an association with us.

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