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With such a crowded landscape of charitable organizations engaged in the relief of human suffering, the treatment and cure of disease, or the improvement of the human condition, the choice of which organization to support usually comes down to the cause that resonates within a person’s psyche. The question here is:  What is the compelling reason that I should support The Republic of Plato? After all, it’s not like we’re finding a cure for cancer.

The Republic of Plato represents an idea. An idea that 2,500 years ago, opened our eyes to a way of life that celebrated humanity and the excellence of human endeavor.  It was Hellenism that demonstrated to a very brutal world, the appreciation of our better nature. Hellenism traded the rule of the jungle for the rule of law.  A society that elevated man’s self-image to appreciate language, art, literature, medicine, and the sciences was so powerful a force, that it became the model of all western civilization that would follow it.

One need only look at our world today, to see that the ideals of Hellenism have been drowned out by the lust for power and its companions, corruption, arrogance and greed.  If there is any hope of rekindling the idea that once civilized the world, it is the re-education of humanity of the better life Hellenism created.  With that as our banner, we ask that you join us in our mission to once again introduce humanity to its better angel.


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