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The Hellenic Diaspora

The Hellenic diaspora began more than 3,000 years ago. Over the course of hundreds of generations, there are now Hellenic peoples in every region of the planet.  Picking up and leaving one’s home in search of some unknown, but hopefully better place is not a typical human trait. And yet, the settlements of Hellenic peoples today appear in every country. Why is that?

Consider the topography. Greece is a peninsula. It is cut off from the rest of Europe by mountains in the north, and water on the other three sides.  That would normally be ideal except for the inconvenience that the soil is not conducive to agriculture.  Greece is  essentially a pile of rocks. This condition pretty well ensures that life will be difficult if one remains there.

Faced with the prospect of a harsh and difficult struggle to survive, in a country bounded on three sides by Mediterranean waters, it is no wonder the Hellenic peoples would become masters the sea- a legacy that continues today.  Once they mastered the sea, it was natural they would become masters of trade and commerce.

Thus, the Hellenic peoples overspread the Earth amd settled in every corner of it. Once there, they built lives and families. They adopted local customs as well as continuing the customs they left behind.

After 3,000 years, many of those Hellenic descendants have little if any memories of their ancestors’ travels.


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