Racism: an Anger Management Tool

A Rant by Samson Soledad . . .

Racism!  It’s been a human trait for thousands of years.

Today, politicians harp about how we must join together to eliminate it once and for all. Look around!  Does it seem to be getting any better?  

So what is it about racism that makes it an incurable scourge of humanity? In order to understand why it hasn’t gotten any better, we must first understand what racism is and more importantly what it is not. For example, when a wealthy white elitist pig, enjoying the company of his brethren swine, makes a disparaging remark about the minority waiter that hasn’t shown sufficient deference to the importance of the person he is serving, this is not racism. This is merely a delusion of someone who has been brought up to believe he is entitled to raise himself up by knocking others down, or he is merely trying to to compensate for having a small sex organ, or any other possible feeling of inferiority. So what is racism? 

Racism is the prejudiced hatred of a person strictly because of that person’s race, color or creed. It is a white person discriminating against a black, brown, yellow or red person. Or for that matter, any one of that group discriminating against any one or more of the others.  On its face, when you identify what it really is, it sounds ridiculous– even to a racist. Hatred based upon skin pigmentation or a culture where that pigmentation is prevalent, points directly to the ignorance or compelling stupidity of the hater. 

Hatred in its pure form is actually a very useful and powerful emotion.  In fact, hating a person of any race or color because he/she is a complete ass is completely justified and an acceptable emotion.  Let me explain.  If a loosely-defined “normal” person hates someone, there is a reason for that hatred (whether justified or not).  When it occurs in a stable person, it actually serves as a release of frustration allowing the boxing-up of the anger into a therapeutic focus.  It is why stable people don’t go postal.  Of course, in an unstable person, the release can be much more violent, but that is a matter for another conversation.

All of us have hundreds of hatreds, annoyances, obsessions and biases that in today’s bizarre politically-correct madness would qualify as racist.  The modern preferred method of dealing with this phenomenon is to keep it within the confines of your head and heart, while you show distaste for anyone who speaks his/her mind truthfully. On paper, telling someone you hate them is still protected behavior, but to those who fear the truth exposing their own skeletons, it is anathema. Have we forgotten these are only words and not sticks and stones? 

Are we in complete denial that the fundamental protected right of American citizens is to say exactly what they think or feel, whether or not it offends someone else?  Have we devolved into a nation of crybabies, wimps and bedwetters that were weened away from their pacifiers before they were ready? What’s the solution?  Simple! Let us all say what we please. 

Civilized, caring humans will basically default to the golden rule.  Intelligent (as opposed to smart) people, will suddenly have a license to say whatever they like to justify them being over-educated and yet still flaunt their innate stupidity.  “Real” smart people will refrain from discriminating against others for fear the object of their discrimination might be uncivilized and retaliate.  Or, in the alternative, these really smart people will see the fallacy in the object of their hatred. And,of course,  ignorant people who choose not to learn how to evaluate their hatred, will continue to enjoy their bliss. Problem solved!

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