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OPEN LETTER: American Journalists & Their Employers

A Rant by Samson Soledad . . . How could this be happening? We are actually proving Plato’s original thesis about the degeneration of government through its five forms. You probably never gave it much thought, but in Book VIII

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Racism: an Anger Management Tool

A Rant by Samson Soledad . . . Racism!  It’s been a human trait for thousands of years. Today, politicians harp about how we must join together to eliminate it once and for all. Look around!  Does it seem to

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Flawed Notion of Justice: A Jury of Peers

A Rant by Samson Soledad . . . I’m sitting in the cavernous jury lounge after having drawn the winning lottery ticket known as a jury duty summons. Given the opportunity to participate in our incredible democracy, I have barely

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